Preimplantation genetic testing for in-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) allows for the selection & implantation of embryos that have healthier chromosomes and genes, helping physicians and families to increase the chances of healthy and successful pregnancy.

What is PGTunegxTM

PGTunegxTM is a preimplantation genetic test for the identification of embryos that have chromosomal aneuploidies or chromosomal genetic changes associated with monogenic diseases.

Why PGTunegxTM

Preimplantation testing and selection of embryos with healthier genetic makeup will help increase the success of IVF procedure and healthy pregnancy.

Complete embryo analysis of all 24 chromosomes

High Sensitivity

Individualized  reports

Rapid turnaround time

Optional genetic counselling

Optional Embryo sex identification as per Local Government Regulations

How PGTunegxTM works